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International Course on Medieval Music Performance in Besalú
9-day medieval music performance immersion course designed for singers and instrumentalists interested in learning a variety of monophonic and polyphonic music repertories developed from the 12th to the 14th centuries.


The International Course on Medieval Music Performance offers singers and instrumentalists the possibility to study monophonic and polyphonic repertoires composed from the 12th to the 14th centuries. The course masterfully combines rigorous musicological research with a vibrant reconstruction of performance practice. The principal objectives are:

The theoretical and performative study of different repertoires composed between 1100 and 1350.

The understanding of how to interpret the different music notational systems that record the repertoires.

The reconstruction of a historically-informed way of singing that is appropriate for the different repetoires studied in the course. This includes vocal production, articulation, diction, tuning, and ornamentation.

The study of historical-informed techniques for the instruments included in the course.

The development and application of ensemble techniques appropriate to the performance of each repertoire.

The production of a performance for the closing of the course.

3rd International Course on Medieval Music Performance (12th-14th c.)

The whole course is composed of 3 different programs dedicated to Plainchant, Vocal and Instrumental music (1100-1300), and Ars nova (1300-1350) that can be taken together or separate.

The course will be held in Besalú, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval villages in Catalonia (Spain). The town of creamy stone and narrow streets, possesses among its medieval architectonic jewels a fortified 12th-century bridge, different churches and secular buildings from the Romanesque period, and a 13th-century miqvé or Jewish ritual bath.

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